Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm a maker, crafter, and designer here to help you make your creative dreams a reality.

About Us

I come from a family of makers and artisans. My design training started from a young age as I watched my dad turn empty lots into beautiful homes, sat in my grandpa’s sawdust-covered woodshop as he crafted heirloom wooden furniture, and felt smooth velvet and rough tweed fabrics as my aunt chose upholstery samples for clients. The more time I spent watching my family members craft beautiful things, the more I fell in love with things well-built, expertly-crafted, and skillfully-designed.

Over the years, I’ve found my own creative passion in using my love for design to help others realize their creative dreams. Whether through designing websites or branding for small businesses, creating letterpressed invitations for life’s special moments, or curating hands-on crafting workshops, I’m happiest dreaming up, and accomplishing, big creative ideas. 

Have a creative idea you've been dreaming up? Let's work together and make your dream become a reality.



01: I’m a huge crafter. My latest crafting project is making handmade paper from recycled paper scraps and experimenting with old type on my tabletop Kelsey press. 

02: I'm a sucker for cute New England towns. On the weekends you may find me taking trips throughout New England in search of the best ice cream, stationery stores, antique shops, local art studios, bakeries, and markets—I’m always taking suggestions! 

03: I have the best furry studio assistant, Clove the cat. She’s a big help in the studio and makes sure I take the occasional brain break by plopping herself down right on top of my keyboard. And she’s the only assistant I can find who accepts payment in pets and treats. 

04: If my hands aren't covered in ink, chances are they're probably covered in dirt—I'm a big gardener! There's something so magical about watching something grow from seed to ending up on your plate, or in a vase in your home! I have a fantasy of owning a flower farm and am already scheming up plans for dahlia varieties to grow this summer! 

Let's make it a reality.




A few of my favorite things

Handmade paper 
Letterpressed greeting cards
Blackwing pencils 
Making homemade ice cream
Giving (and receiving) handmade gifts
Farmers markets
Craft fairs 
Discovering new cookbooks
Hunting for antiques 
Creating cozy spaces

let's work together

Let's work